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Aug 19, 2019

The guys made it to the 13th annual Bowfest at Spot Shooter Archery

  1. Buck Baits at Spot Shooter
  2. Rebel Six at Spot Shooter
  3. Veterans at Bowfest
  4. Woods and Water event coming up in September

Passing of Tred Barta

  1. The accident
  2. What we plan to do for a tribute
  3. The reality of mortality and how we never know when our...

Aug 12, 2019

The guys were talking tonight with Jerry Milos about EZ Kut product lineup and how Jerry got involved with EZ Kut.

  1. The beginnings of EZ Kut with Buster Greenway
  2. How Jerry found out about EZ Kut
  3. Jerry's first pair of EZ Kut Pruners
  4. How Scott Bass came into the picture
  5. How filming their hunts played into the EZ Kut...

Aug 5, 2019

The boys catch up with Ken Scicluna live on the water bass fishing

  1. Ken is live on Orr Lake in Livingston County Michigan
  2. Bass fishing on a Sunday evening
  3. Using dropshot
  4. Last week's tournament with Ken
  5. Boat launch gets jambed up due to the lot attendant
  6. Weigh in had to take place at another spot on the lake
  7. Recap of the...

Jul 29, 2019

The guys talk deer lures, scents, attractants with Buck Baits Prostaffer Whorley Bird!


  1. Real urine
  2. Synthetics


  1. Foods
  2. Nature

Cover Scents

Whorley Bird's hunts and using Buck Baits


Jul 22, 2019

The guys talk grilling and cooking all kinds of fish and wild game meats tonight with Co-Owner Rob Harrell of Rebel Six Rub & Seasonings

How the guys from Rebel Six got started in the seasoning business.

How to season and prepare all kinds of fish.

  1. Great Lakes fish rub, walleye and perch
  2. Midwest fish rub, large and...