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Oct 12, 2015

This week we talk with Matt Goodlife about his first muntjac deer of the season.

  1. What took so long to get the first one down this season?
  2. What problems he had after the hunt that causes everyone to cringe at other's actions!
  3. Why calling a deer a Piebald is the incorrect term to use? We should be using the term skewbald.

Opening day of archery season here in Michigan.

  1. Danny takes to the woods and sees more hunters than deer!
  2. Plans for the upcoming archery season

How does the loss of a grandparent play into our outdoor lives

If given the opportunity would you hunt on Mars?

  1. What game would we hunt?
  2. What would the travel be like?
  3. What would the cost be?

PSE Tech Tip of the Week with Bobby Vargas!

  1. How to choose the correct pin size for our bow set up
  2. Size considerations
  3. Applications
  4. Colors to choose from and why