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Jul 3, 2016

Mike and Dan are back in the cabin and catch up after Mike's vacation

Former UNJ Pro Staffer Ian Sparks talks with Mike and Dan about chasing his dream of working in the outdoor industry and working with Whitetail Properties.

  1. Changed his major in college in his third year to chase his dream of filming in the outdoor industry.
  2. Chasing deer to further learning and filming while attending college
  3. Started filming outdoor hunts with a few outdoor tv shows.
  4. Took a series of phots for a hunter and had them placed on the cover of Lone Wolf Treestand's catalogue cover.
  5. Got a chance to interview with Whitetail Properties in Illinois
  6. Got the job and then started living the dream
  7. Feeling the pressure to put down great video in front of tremendous bucks!
  8. Communication between videographer and hunter
  9. Issues of trying to film a hunt
  10. Fun moments in the stand
  11. Stressful moments in the stand
  12. Equipment accidents in the field
  13. Ian explains about how much time there is for a videographer to hunt himself
  14. Talking about the 2016 season of Whitetail Properties
  15. The 2016 Season sizzle reel
  16. What Whitetail Properties does
  17. How they develop the show around the properties they hunt and sell
  18. The love of the land and the love to hunt
  19. Family involvement
  20. Friends and camp
  21. Perspective of chasing the dream and can you ever reach the end of chasing it
  22. Learning to use drones for filming
  23. Are we in the drone phase of outdoor films
  24. Intentionality for using certain shots in videos