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May 2, 2016

Bad Bass Fishing

  1. Cody hits Kentucky Lake for a Bass Fishing Tournament
  2. Going in they were expecting a big storm
  3. Mara stayed home
  4. He drew #48 out of 50, left dock late
  5. Had a mechanical failure
  6. Headed home
  7. His dad won the tournament
  8. Got the mechanical problem taken care of for the next tournament
  9. Cody and Mara fished another tournament at Pleasant Hill Lake in Ohio
  10. Got blocked on the launch!
  11. Cost them a spot to fish!
  12. Foggy conditions, slowed the fish down
  13. Sun finally broke through and then had another mechanical failure!
  14. Looking to the rest of the season
  15. Next tournament is last weekend of May
  16. 12 tournaments at least this year
  17. Hope to get after the turkeys this week as well
  18. Looking at a mini-horse for Dan to take a ride on