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Sep 14, 2015

This week we talk with my two sons Michael and Jacob about their field goose hunt where they hunt alone with each other for the first time and Jacob gets to take his first goose ever!

  • First morning hunt, they shoot five geese and later find out there is a mystery goose to show up later the next day!  Jake takes two geese during this hunt which are his first ever taken!


  • Evening hunt of the first day I join the boys with a camera only to watch the only flock of the evening fly over them just out of range. I do manage to get a curious doe on video up close.


  • Day two moring hunt, once again they go at it without dad in tow and mange to kill two geese a piece with one of them getting a boat ride out of the deal!


  • We end the show by starting up again with our tech tips segment called Q@A with Bobby V!  We talk the safety and shooting techniques of crossbows for the upcoming archery season!