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Jun 13, 2019

The guys catch up with Tred Barta again this week in Valdez Alaska to see what he's been up to these last two weeks

  1. Close encounter with a Grizzly Bear
  2. Don't pee near a stream
  3. Pepper dealing with the bears
  4. Fishing was fabulous in Valdez
  5. Animals that Tred has seen while there
  6. Beauty of Valdez
  7. Taking care of camp duties
  8. The rod holders on the ceiling
  9. Tire blowouts on the trailer
  10. Loves his Hunter's Blend Coffee
  11. Why does Tred keep his fishing rods on the ceiling?
  12. Valdez snowfall
  13. The fishing trip
  14. 245lbs of fish
  15. How is he keeping frozen fish
  16. Bear activity
  17. Hunting season starts at the end of August
  18. Fishing license cost
  19. Hunting as an out of state resident
  20. Moving to Valdez?
  21. Vehicles
  22. Wants to get his pilots license back
  23. How Denali has been commercialized
  24. Creation and the beauty of it