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Apr 13, 2015

Dan's week of scouting for turkeys here in Michigan

  1. What he found
  2. Patterning his shotgun
  3. Putting the puzzle together

California lead ammo for hunting ban

  1. Banning all lead ammo for hunting in the state
  2. How does the ATF play into this equation
  3. What is the outcome for the hunters of California

Taxes on fishing supplies, the Johnson Dingle Act of 1950

  1. What is taxed
  2. Where does it go
  3. How is it similar to the Pittman Roberston Act of 1934

Ladies day out at Cabela's this coming saturday

  1. Talking turkeys
  2. Talking ticks

Throw Back Thursday Up North Journal style!

  1. Running our original pilot episode that has never been published
  2. Running our first 42 shows each and every thursday, these shows are no longer available on the internet until now!