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Aug 3, 2015

The Rise of Women in the outdoors

  1. Number of women involved is climbing
  2. More women becoming self taught

Cecil the Lion

  1. Wait for the facts
  2. Lets worry about things that really matter
  3. What the media is pushing
  4. Should it matter?

21 point Ohio buck that scored 221" taken by Greg Deckling!

  1. Dad sold his crossbow
  2. Used a past mentor's crossbow
  3. Forgot to purchase license
  4. Dogs barking in hunting area
  5. The Big Boy!
  6. Forgot to turn on red dot
  7. Corn stalk in antler hides view of hunter in treestand from the deer!

Newest UNJ staff member Mara Daugherty!

  1. Self taught to hunt and fish
  2. Self Films adventures
  3. Passion for the outdoors
  4. Works as a bow technician at Cabela's