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Jan 4, 2016

Welcome to 2016

The real story about the "Hole in the Horn Buck", How did the hole get there?

  1. Ohio giant #2 non-typical overall found dead near train tracks
  2. Came to rest in a bar on the wall after going to a taxidermist and remained there for years
  3. How the hole got there!

Preseason archery training

  1. Strength training
  2. Shooting inside into a form bag to perfect your form
  3. Using a mirror to watch your form
  4. Using a backstop for safety
  5. Starting with a dozen arrows and mark them
  6. Mark them to find flyers while shooting
  7. Hunt with arrows that group the best
  8. Practice shooting out of a treestand if possible

What do we need for our first time out ice fishing?

  1. Good set of warm insulated waterproof boots
  2. Layered clothing that is wind resistant
  3. Multiple pairs of gloves and hand warmers
  4. Head cover for face and ears
  5. Ice rods & tip ups, dipping spoon, auger or spud, bait & lures, sled or bucket, lead clip weight to set line depths
  6. Fishing license

Looking into 2016

  1. Upcoming outdoor shows
  2. 2016 ATA show in Louisville Kentucky
  3. Live updates from the ATA