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Jan 10, 2016

Overall experience of ATA 2016

  1. Mara meets Jim Shockey.
  2. Dan was a little preoccupied and nervous
  3. Great travel weather!
  4. Outteck party on opening night
  5. Dustin Lynch puts on a concert
  6. Hanging out with friends of ours in the outdoor industry
  7. Comparison to the Harrisburg show

Day one of ATA

  1. Meeting all of our supporters and sponsors of Up North Journal
  2. Dan gets beat in a recurve bow shoot-off by Mara!
  3. G5 Booth to interview Mark Hammer about the "Hammer Buck" the biggest Ohio whitetail taken in 2014 which scored 254 inches of antler!
  4. Antler Action a string activated deer rattle, new product by Mark Hammer
  5. Deer on a String, a new deer urine product from Michigan innovator

The Outdoor Podcast Channel 2nd annual meet and greet!

  1. We hosted a mixer with several outstanding podcasters
  2. We got to meet some future podcasters of the outdoor industry that are looking to make their mark on the outdoor world
  3. We hosted the event at the Hard Rock Café of Louisville
  4. Sponsored by Montana Decoys and Wasp Broadhead
  5. Mara's first visit to a Hard Rock Café!

Day two of ATA

  1. Interview with the owner of Nose Jammer a great deer hunting product
  2. How to use Nose Jammer
  3. Interview with Deer Lab founder Jon Livingston
  4. How Deer Lab works to manage your trail camera photos and what kind of information you can glean from it
  5. Close encounter with Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean , Willie and Jake Robertson
  6. Interview with Orion Coolers about what's new for 2016!
  7. Mindy's first interview!
  8. Interview with Phil Robinson the VP of ARCUS that now manages Dead Down Wind about their new product called "Boost" a deer attractant/enzyme booster/mineral supplement.
  9. Mike is challenged by Mara for a recurve-archery challenge!

Day three of ATA

  1. Mike gets lost on the show floor
  2. Interview with owner of Black Eagle Arrows
  3. Interview with Bobby Vargas of PSE Archery
  4. Shooting the new PSE Carbon Air bow!
  5. Talking with Garmin about the new Virb action cameras