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Jan 18, 2016

ATA wrap up and Badlands Film Festival

  1. Delorme Navigation booth helps us get into the Badlands Film Festival
  2. Josh Moremen's two films in the festival
  3. Badlands Film Festival at the Palace Theatre of Louisiville
  4. Talking about the venue
  5. Rhonda Rowsy makes an appearance
  6. Timelapse and slider videos
  7. Noticing the little things in videos
  8. Discussing our favorite shots and films from the festival
  9. The making of a recurve bow film
  10. Watching others success in films
  11. Understanding the emotion of outdoor films because you've experienced something similar
  12. Being inspired by something you watch
  13. GoPro series films
  14. 2nd Annual Outdoor Podcast Channel podcaster meet and greet at the HardRock Café
  15. Mara discuss' Chip Spaulding's fashion tastes
  16. Garmin's new Virb action camera
  17. New Vortex Optics gear
  18. Dan gives his take on his wife attending the ATA for the first time
  19. The organization of the ATA show and their transportation system for getting to the show

Why are outdoorsmen and women so brand loyal?

  1. Why do we wear company logos
  2. Is it a sense of pride?
  3. Meeting your idol