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Jan 25, 2016

Dan gives a shout out for his dad....

Benefit 4 Kids annual banquet

  1. Giving wish trips to kids with life altering challenges
  2. Interview with Steve Hearing the President of B4K
  3. What they do for kids
  4. Some of the great prizes they raffle off!
  5. Where does the money come from and go
  6. How to get involved with B4K
  7. Dream Weaver Charity Salmon Tournament

Wish Kid Jake Jaworski who was granted a wish trip

  1. Took a fishing trip to Oklahoma
  2. Fished with Jimmy Houston
  3. What this trip meant to him and his family
  4. Took a nice buck in Texas on a recent hunting trip
  5. Speared a nice pike this season through the ice

Newest Up North Journal Team Member Cody Dawson!

  1. Our UNJ Resident Fisherman!
  2. Cody's fishing background
  3. Getting ready for his first ice fishing experience

Talking ice fishing with a long time listener Ken Scicluna

  1. Fishing the Saginaw River
  2. Pay attention to ice conditions
  3. Cody gets his own personal guide
  4. Bridge to Bridge Ice Fishing Tourament
  5. What bait and lures to use for walleye on the river
  6. New size limits and legal lengths
  7. Using a Vexlar
  8. Alternate plans if the weather doesn't hold
  9. Locations to fish the Saginaw River