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Feb 22, 2016

We had the fortune of talking with Paul Penix of PSE about the new Carbon Air Bow and what went into it along with a little history of PSE Archery.

  1. Wow
  2. Oldest compound bow manufacture
  3. Pete Shepley's history about PSE and Tom Jennings
  4. Own more compound bow patens than any other company
  5. First Carbon Riser in 1996
  6. Shooting form
  7. One piece carbon riser
  8. SRAC core for the bow
  9. 2 year project squeezed into 10 months
  10. 2000PSI stiffness in places on the riser, no flexing
  11. PSE All American made!
  12. PSE has brought formula one racing to the archery world

Talking with Nick Percy of Killer Food Plots about deer and land management

  1. Michigan based food plot and land consulting company 
  2. Building upon mother natures elements and plugging the holes with natural products
  3. Soil management
  4. Where to put a food plot along with timber management
  5. First step is to establish the blueprint of your soil
  6. Next establish a plan for deer to call your property home
  7. Providing cover
  8. Having the proper age structure of deer
  9. Must grow a healthy doe herd
  10. How to figure out what is a healthy number of deer for your property
  11. Border Patrol natural fence
  12. Creating a natural border to make deer feel safe
  13. Why should we break up our large food plots

Tom's Custom Turkey Calls by Tom Jameson

  1. Custom made turkey calls
  2. Deer and elk antler custom duck calls
  3. Custom made strikers
  4. Helping others have success in the field
  5. Don't over call
  6. Decoy placement

Is Blaze Pink the New Blaze Orange

  1. Blaze Pink camo now legal in Wisconsin deer woods
  2. Does this help more women get into the outdoors?
  3. Violation of not wearing blaze orange or pink is only $10!
  4. Carrie Z of Hunt Fish Travel Podcast gives her opinion on the subject