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Feb 29, 2016

Part 2 of our interview with Paul Penix of PSE Archery about the Carbon Air bow.

  1. What was the longest shot Paul has taken with a bow at an animal and at a target.
  2. Talking about Denny Steiner's 103 yard elk bow kill
  3. Why should we practice at long distances
  4. How to perfect your concentration
  5. Archery is 90% Mental and 10% Physical
  6. In the Zone

Part 2 of our interview with Nick Percy of Killer Food Plots about managing our deer herds and our land.

  1. What is the plan for the food plots
  2. Food plot positioning
  3. How big do you make your kill plots
  4. Spring planting
  5. Whole Season plan
  6. Products to build your deer's health and well being

Mark Hammer joins us with his new deer call that he invented called Antler Action

  1. Mark killed the largest whitetail in the U.S. for 2014, which scored 254 1/8"
  2. Started the project 8 years ago due to some problems rattling antlers in the treestand
  3. Small and compact and can be run from the ground while in a treestand
  4. Draws deer's attention away from the hunter's location

Checking in with Robin Althaver of the Wildcats 4H archery club

  1. Getting ready to ramp up for the spring outdoor shoots and have more kids involved this year
  2. Dan gives instinctive instruction
  3. Looking forward to the hunting season project
  4. 4H State Shoot
  5. 4H National Shoot