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Apr 11, 2016

Shooting at long distances of 500 yards + with Andrew Larimer

  1. Shoots at a 1000 yard range, MTC in Lake City Michigan
  2. Normally shoots between 100 and 500 yards
  3. Need to know specific setup and take a test to shoot at this range
  4. Need to know environmental that affect your shots
  5. Andrew's history of getting into long range shooting
  6. Easiest way to get involved is with NRA clubs 
  7. Civilian Marksmanship Club
  8. Linden Sportsmans Club
  9. Detroit Sportsmans Congress
  10. CMP Shooting distances
  11. What type of ammo, store bought or reloaded ammo?

Talking Florida Bass Fishing with Cody Dawson

  1. Lake Wales Florida
  2. Fishing was slow on Kissimmee River due to flooding
  3. Flooded orange grove fishing was better
  4. Bait selection made a huge difference
  5. Ribbon tail vs Paddle tail baits
  6. Flooded orange grove provided a lot of different opportunities to fish
  7. Flooded grove vs river fishing

Pre-Fishing 1st Tournament of the Year

  1. Pre-fishing Kentucky Lake for Championship tournament
  2. 4 days of pre-fishing
  3. Tips to pre-fish a lake before tournaments
  4. 50% of the time looking for structure to hold fish the other half looking for something totally different than what's expected
  5. Using maps along with on site surveys
  6. Pre-fishing with other competitors on the lake
  7. Family competition

Turkeys Bikes & Bows

  1. Dan is fired up for turkey season in a week!
  2. Mike is working on getting in shape for the upcoming hunting season
  3. Mike bought a mountain bike to exercise with to get in shape for hunting season
  4. Gets you outdoors and into the fresh air