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Apr 18, 2016

Cabela's Prostaff Manager and TV Sponsorship Manager Diana Stewart takes her first turkey on her second hunt ever.


  1. Heads to Texas for a Rio hunt
  2. First hunt was a duck hunt last winter
  3. Favorite part was watching the woods and animals wake up to the morning sunrise
  4. Hunting a ground brush blind with a guide and cameraman
  5. Four Toms come in but don't provide a shot
  6. Huge thunderstorm rolls in and stops the hunt
  7. After the storm broke and a dry set of camo, the hunt is on again
  8. Trophy Tom comes in but not quite close enough
  9. Meanwhile some hens come in and another Tom comes in to investigate
  10. The big moment comes and she takes the shot
  11. Takes bird back to camp and gets to taste her success with fresh turkey for dinner
  12. Having the bird mounted
  13. Got to shoot the day before the hunt
  14. Video will be on Amerciana Outdoors on NBCSports

Dan gets ready for the Michigan Turkey Season Opener

  1. Dan scouts the past two mornings for roosted birds
  2. Heard gobblers on the roost this morning
  3. Birds just starting to break up out of flocks
  4. Saw a coyote while scouting along with an opossum
  5. Also saw a few deer while scouting
  6. Took the new Mossberg shotgun to the range to sight in
  7. Looking forward to the Monday morning opener
  8. Several left over tags for this year's Michigan turkey season

Cody Dawson talks about pre-fishing Kentucky Lake in Kentucky for this week's Bass Tournament

  1. Cody gets an early jump on his trip to Kentucky Lake
  2. Weather is playing pretty much to normal conditions but the lake levels are about a foot and a half lower than normal causing structure to be up out of the water
  3. Local water levels are down over the winter
  4. Several variables could change before the start of the tournament
  5. Fine tuning before tournament
  6. General mood is that the lake is fishing tough
  7. Lake conditions could change over night
  8. What happens if your plan doesn't work for the tournament

 What is the worst outdoor accident you've ever had

  1. Jacob puts a treble hook through his finger
  2. Prompted a trip to the hospital
  3. Dan remembers a fall out of a tree
  4. Mike remembers getting shot at as a youngster while hunting
  5. Mike remembers flipping a canoe in a fast moving river
  6. Dan remembers getting muzzle-blasted