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May 2, 2016

Bad Bass Fishing

  1. Cody hits Kentucky Lake for a Bass Fishing Tournament
  2. Going in they were expecting a big storm
  3. Mara stayed home
  4. He drew #48 out of 50, left dock late
  5. Had a mechanical failure
  6. Headed home
  7. His dad won the tournament
  8. Got the mechanical problem taken care of for the next tournament
  9. Cody and Mara fished another tournament at Pleasant Hill Lake in Ohio
  10. Got blocked on the launch!
  11. Cost them a spot to fish!
  12. Foggy conditions, slowed the fish down
  13. Sun finally broke through and then had another mechanical failure!

First Time Turkey Hunt Success Story

  1. UNJ mentored new turkey hunter
  2. Taught a new hunter how to get ready for turkey season
  3. Private land hunt
  4. First day of hunt set up on a field edge
  5. Saw a lone hen that sat in the decoys
  6. Evening hunt, saw the same hen and more hens that laid in the decoys
  7. Second day of the hunt, heard gobblers on the way to the blind
  8. Tried to set up on the birds before day light but no luck
  9. Finally made it to the blind for the morning hunt

Dan Takes His Wife Out for Her Turkey Hunt

  1. Bad weather for the last week of the Michigan turkey season
  2. Birds were tight lipped
  3. Saw a few hens during the week
  4. No gobbles
  5. Breaking down the season so far

Up North Journal Turns 9 Years Old

  1. 362 episodes
  2. Looking back at the beginning
  3. Podcasting began in 2004
  4. We began in 2007
  5. I never would have dreamed we have been through all the things we've faced in 9 years
  6. Where we got our start in the industry
  7. Outdoor Podcast Channel concept
  8. How technology has evolved and helped us move to where we are today
  9. Our listeners helped us get to where we are
  10. Where the UNJ concept came from