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Jun 6, 2016

Dan talks about his first adventure out in the kayaks with his wife along with their next time out trying fishing from the kayak for the first time.

  1. What they had to overcome
  2. What gear they will need in the future
  3. What it was like the first time out

VHS Disease for Fish

  1. What is it
  2. What does it do to fish
  3. How do they get it
  4. How can we keep from transporting it
  5. Will it hurt us

Getting Mike's boat back up and ready for bowfishing season

  1. Had a little trouble getting it started
  2. Looking at getting it set up with new platforms this year
  3. What kind of lights to consider if switching to LED

Tanning deer hides from last season

  1. Rehydration of salted hides
  2. Rinsing of hides
  3. Reslating, stretching and applying tanning salts
  4. What it will take to finish them