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Jun 13, 2016

Dan talks about his weekend trip to his deer camp.

  1. Opening camp for the summer
  2. Expectations on what he would find
  3. Clean up and Checklists
  4. Leisurely walk down stream
  5. Seeing more deer this trip north
  6. Expectations for the upcoming season

Mike takes a trip north for the weekend to check cameras and the progress on the logging project at deer camp.

  1.  Seeing plenty of fawns
  2. Checking the progress of the logging project
  3. Expectations vs Reality
  4. What the trail cameras yielded

Trail Camera Project

  1. What the latest find was
  2. Managing the project

Ohio Bowfishing Video

  1. Mara and Cody take a nice walk with friends to shoot some Longnose Gar
  2. Shooting a pile of fish
  3. Looking at the video