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Jul 25, 2016

With the current political scene Mike and Dan decide to give their State of the Outdoors Speech.

Interview with Outdoor Writer Patrick Durkin

  1. Freelance Writer
  2. Writes for several publications
  3. Navy Veteran
  4. Was in the outdoors as a youngster
  5. Degree in Journalism and Minor English
  6. Worked at Oshkosh Northwestern during college on the sports desk
  7. Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine hired Pat
  8. After one year he became fulltime editor of the magazine
  9. When Dan won a chance to hunt with Pat and Greg Miller they forgot to buy his hunting license
  10. Work is competition
  11. Pat's view of the current media in the digital age
  12. How Classified ads and the internet killed newspapers
  13. How the internet has changed the magazine industry
  14. How far away is the demise of TV
  15. Content is King!
  16. Media is evolving
  17. Content needs to be compelling and valuable
  18. Pat's take on wolves impact in nature
  19. Wolves have a role in nature
  20. Wolves have made the whitetail deer intelligent over time due to the pursuit of deer as food
  21. Man wants to control nature or have a happy medium
  22. People believe the balance of nature is a flat line instead of huge peaks and valleys
  23. We need to utilize our forests better and do more logging to provide better habitat for deer
  24. Wolves can make us better hunters
  25. Talking logging, habitat and deer management
  26. Being a mouth piece between the hunters and the scientists
  27. Where media is headed