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Aug 1, 2016

Interview with Randy Duncan about Land O Lakes archery club

  1. 100 3-D target shoot weekend of August 27th
  2. Primitive camping and shoot the whole weekend
  3. No crossbows
  4. Food available to purchase
  5. Practice targets
  6. $50 weekend discount rate
  7. Great Lakes Longbow Invitational in Hastings Michigan
  8. One of the biggest Longbow tournaments in the state

Interview with our newest Blogger Robin Althaver about following her arrow into the outdoors

  1. 4H Wildcats archery instructor
  2. Learning how to hunt this year
  3. Started shooting archery last year
  4. Has some of the shooters from her 4H archery club qualified for the state shoot
  5. Talking about her first hunt
  6. Shoots the Fever 1 Pro PSE
  7. Turkey hunting with a bow is a possibility next year
  8. Reality vs Virtual Reality

Nicole Holiday, Cablea's Outfitter Spotlight Interview

  1. Archery tech
  2. Love of archery as a youngster
  3. Shot competitively  
  4. Cabela's is her dream job
  5. Loves to set up a bow and watch it all come together
  6. Loves to help others get involved in archery