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Aug 15, 2016

Olympic Archery and Shooters, our views so far on our Olympic Team

  1. Skeet Shooting
  2. Trap Shooting
  3. 10M Air Rifle Shooting
  4. Men's Archery

Getting fit for hunting season

  1. Mike is taking to the bicycle for this seasons training and also using it for transportation into the woods
  2. Mike doing some swimming as well
  3. Dan's walking regimen

Cabela's trail camera review from Dan

  1. Specs on camera
  2. Dan has it out behind his house testing it
  3. Dan's overall impression of it

Mike is talking about a trail camera survey that he wants to conduct to get info on deer herd at camp

  1. How many cameras per acre are needed
  2. Overall concept of the study
  3. How to set up for the study