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Aug 22, 2016

Sitting down with Pnuma Outdoors David Strandberg VP of Marketing and talking about their new venture into hunting apparel.

  1. Pnuma is Greek for Spirit
  2. Creating hunting apparel that is simply the best
  3. Lifetime Guarantee on every item of clothing!
  4. Fix or replace it for free!
  5. Silver Strike Technology in the garments
  6. Available only on-line at:
  7. Quiet fabric
  8. High tech fabric
  9. Quiet and waterproof zippers
  10. Quiet in the cold!
  11. Terra camo pattern made to fit into a wide variety of situations, seasons and distances
  12. The reason for Gen. 27:3 on their website
  13. Partnership with Kicking Bear Ministries

 Discussing the fallout of Josh and Sarah Bowmar and her sponsor dropping her due to killing a bear with a spear in Canada.

  1. How Pnuma is making a statement about standing beside hunters
  2. David's take on the situation
  3. David asks our take on the situation

How to get in touch with the company to purchase products