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Aug 29, 2016

While at Bowfest 2016 we talk with UNJ ProStaffer Mara Daugherty about what her and Cody Dawson have been up to since our summer fishing trip.

  1. Talking about the upcoming hunting season
  2. Talking about Fishing Lake Erie
  3. Product spotlight of the Cabela's Guidewear series clothing @3:45 mark
  4. Built in sunblock UV protection
  5. Water repelant
  6. Trail cams out
  7. Using Bushnell Trail Camera
  8. Targeting an old doe with triplets this year 
  9. Cody has been hitting it hard on the water this summer
  10. Breeding beagle pups
  11. Started a bait company, Champion Baits @ 8:55 mark
  12. Talking about the Under Armour issue Mara gives her take on it @13:00 mark
  13. Danny gives his take @ 27:15 mark 
  14. Mike gives his take @ 46:15 mark