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Sep 12, 2016

Recording the show live at Cabela's!

  1. Remembering those from 9-11 and our take on it
  2. Busy weekend working in the archery department at Cabela's
  3. Dan's box blind put on hold due to forestry project on his property
  4. Recapping Bowfest

Getting food plots in for the upcoming deer season.

  1. Planted 48 acres of Aroostock Rye and Mammoth Red Clover
  2. Rye grew faster to help give the clover an opportunity to grow more before being mowed down by the deer
  3. Don't cut rye so fawns have cover to hide in from predators
  4. Finally got rain on our fields and we're getting some green showing
  5. Becoming more of a conservationist

Trail Camera Survey Project

  1. Started survey the first week of September
  2. Running the survey according to the QDMA suggestions
  3. Looking for deer herd numbers
  4. Fawn recruitment
  5. Buck to Doe Ratios
  6. Run survey for 10 - 14 days
  7. Misconceptions about crossbows
  8. Treestands ready for the season
  9. Pop Up Blinds
  10. Working with the Amish