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Oct 17, 2016

Mike on the road home from deer camp doing some bowhunting

  1. Crazy weather
  2. Fall colors popping
  3. Dan went to Cabela's doing some shopping for a new bow setup
  4. Dan gets some bow work done for season
  5. Dan and the family getting ready for a week up north bowhunting
  6. Kids practicing 
  7. Dan using one pin from 0-30 yards

Mike talks about his hunt

  1. Worked on blinds for the first afternoon
  2. Put a few finishing touches on the bee hive
  3. For the evening hunt the bike made its maiden voyage
  4. Everything worked well with the bike
  5. Biked out with base layers and sweat pants to hunting area
  6. Then suited up
  7. Mike talks about transporting all his gear out in a backpack
  8. Biked within 150-200 yards of the treestand
  9. Windy in the treestand
  10. Only seen one doe from the stand
  11. At dusk seen a big doe from the ground and put a sneak on it.
  12. Set up an ambush for a 30 yard shot
  13. Mike almost collides with a trailer parked in the freeway while recording the show!!!!!
  14. The doe didn't play the game as Mike had planned
  15. Warm weather seemed to have the deer locked down

Mike and Dan talk about expectations leading into their week's off for bow season hunts with friends and family.

  1. Mike is not sure what to expect due to lack of trail cam photos and the logging project
  2. Mike still trying to figure out where the bucks are
  3. Might have to put trail cameras into time lapse mode to see whats in the outer ranges
  4. Dan is looking forward to hunting with his brother again