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Oct 31, 2016

Mara takes a big Ohio buck for her first archery buck on a hunt that lasts only 3 minutes!

  1. Gets out to the stand late
  2. Hears a buck grunting before she can climb into the stand
  3. Buck comes in as she is putting her release on and nocking an arrow
  4. Cody running camera barely gets the camera rolling
  5. Shot the deer from a sitting position
  6. No pass through shot
  7. Couldn't see deer drop so they pulled out
  8. Recovered deer later that night only 50 yards from the stand

Dan's trip north with the girls and his brother

  1. Had great weather
  2. Saw a ton of does but couldn't shoot any
  3. Bucks not moving
  4. Paid honor to his dad
  5. Saw two wolves
  6. Dan runs a trapline and took 6 pelts
  7. Pre-Rut buck lull due to testosterone build up

Mike on search of a big buck

  1. Deer not moving
  2. No sign of any bucks
  3. Hard first four days
  4. Two days straight of rain
  5. Pulled trail cam photos and saw a shooter buck
  6. Put a plan together and moved a stand to get on him
  7. Laid eyes on him finally but couldn't get a shot
  8. All the hard work this year is paying off
  9. Using the bike this year to get to stand was very successful