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Nov 13, 2016

Deer hunting Ohio with Mara Daugherty

  1. Danny is missing in action due to hunting in Michigan's U.P.
  2. Mara is tagged out and now running camera for Cody
  3. She's concentrating on laying down some video for Cody as he hunts for a big buck.
  4. Pressure is off of her now
  5. Looking forward to late season doe hunting
  6. Looking to thin some does on her private property
  7. Rut is on in Ohio
  8. Full moon changing deer movements?
  9. Talking QDM and how that plays into Mara's private property
  10. Mike is missing the opener for the first time in a while
  11. Aging deer on the hoof
  12. Using Nose Jammer Scent Attractant
  13. What kind of artificial light does Mara use in the field?
  14. What kind of knives does Mara use in the field?
  15. Does Mara let her deer hang after field dressing them?
  16. Is Cody going to do any fall fishing?
  17. Mara is working on a big project and details will be released soon
  18. Mara gets to play cameraman for the rest of the season
  19. Mike tries to get an Arby's Venison Sandwich that was only available for 3 days
  20. Arby's runs out of sandwiches after only 12 minutes of selling them on the first day
  21. A very disappointed Mike doesn't get his venison sandwich
  22. Are restaurants starting to sell gamey meats now?