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Nov 21, 2016

Danny covers his week at his deer camp in Michigan's Upper Peninsula 

  1. Warm weather
  2. Super moon
  3. No shooter bucks
  4. No doe permits
  5. Wolf sightings
  6. Not many shots heard nearby
  7. Locals are saying deer numbers are down
  8. Not seeing many bucks on caamera
  9. Local radio station in U.P. has half hour show called the buck report
  10. Michigan's Mackinaw Bridge reporting deer harvest numbers are up 25% over last year
  11. Deer check stations closed again this year
  12. Michigan wolf count
  13. Dan's logging project

Mike covers his first few days of his firearm deer season in Michigan's Lower Peninusla

  1. Warm weather until Saturday
  2. Saturday evening had 2 inches of snow
  3. First deer killed and only buck was on the third day of season
  4. Fourth day of season 2 doe killed for a total of three deer killed in four days with 10 hunters
  5. Used the bike to get in and out of the woods and it worked well with the rifle
  6. Got some snow to cool things off quite a bit
  7. Saw button bucks and spikes, no shooter bucks
  8. Shot a doe

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