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Dec 5, 2016

Weekend at Cabelas visiting Santa and getting ready for Christmas

  1. Danny filled his cart full of Christmas Cheer!!!!!!
  2. He got a gear bag and a vacuum sealer
  3. Mike got a meat grinder and a thermos for coffee
  4. We visited with Santa
  5. Why do people wear their hunting clothes to stores, restaurants and gas stations
  6. Do you wear your hunters orange on your way to deer camp?

Michigan man mistakes an elk for a deer.

  1. Shoots a 6x6 elk thinking it was a deer
  2. Fined $5000 plus $500 for every antler point
  3. Talking about hunters mistaken other animals for game

Rogue California Cougar kills livestock

  1. Killed 10 alpacas
  2. Doesn't want it killed
  3. Doesn't want to remove it
  4. Wants to completely enclose her alpacas
  5. Tree huggers crying out to not kill cat

Muzzleloader hunting

  1. Getting ready to hunt deer with a muzzleloader
  2. Went to the gun range to make sure they were on target
  3. Problems on the range
  4. Taking a few kids from Backwater Legacies up north for a doe hunt with muzzleloaders
  5. Talking about 2017!
  6. No Elf on the Shelf!!!!