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Jul 11, 2019

The guys catch up with Tred Barta who is hanging out in Valdez Alaska

Talking about the exteme heat and wildfires

  1. No rain for 10 days
  2. Wildfires
  3. Extreme heat

Big water fishing

  1. Seal Rock
  2. Home to sea lions
  3. Halibut
  4. How do you fish for halibut

Still not finding it easy to deal with being alone so far away.

Looking to head to Homer Alaska

  1. Streams easier to fish
  2. Easier to hunt

Commercial and sport fishing for Salmon

  1. Working together
  2. Building a renewable resource
  3. Fish rearing
  4. Hatcheries
  5. Now have a successful fishing industry
  6. How the people in the fishing industry work together

A very close encounter with a grizzly bear

  1. Riding his bike and came around a corner and wrecked bike to keep from hitting a bear
  2. Bear was about 8 yards away
  3. Laid out on bike path and drew pistol on bear
  4. Bear woofed at him
  5. Bruised up

Two tone water color in river

  1. Glacial melt and sea water
  2. Specific times of the year
  3. Smaller streams give way to lighter colors
  4. Teaming with fish

4th of July in Alaska

  1. Valdez had a huge town parade and festival
  2. Food everywhere
  3. Small town feel
  4. Coast Guard in parade