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Mar 20, 2017

Interview with Drew Youngedyke the editor of Michigan Out-of-Doors magazine and

Chief information officer at MUCC.
  1. What is MUCC?
  2. How he got started at MUCC
  3. Drew's hunting background
  4. Hunting camp
  5. Most memorable hunt

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

  1. What is the money from the federal government go for and how it works
  2. How it is being used in Michigan
  3. How the states work together with this money for the Great Lakes
  4. Why does it take federal money to do these projects
  5. How does Canada work into the equation
  6. Why should everyone be concerned with the Great Lakes

Asian Carp and how it is affecting our fisheries

  1. Silver Carp and Big Head Carp
  2. Less than 50 miles from Lake Michigan
  3. DNA found in Lake Michigan
  4. Electric barriers being used but not a permanent solution
  5. Conservation is for the future and long term, this is what we are talking about with Asian Carp
  6. Brandon Road Lock and Damn rebuilding and Government Report
  7. Report has been blocked from being released and what that means for Lake Michigan

How has Michigan Out of Doors magazine changed over the years

  1. Now a quarterly magazine
  2. up from 60 pages to 100 pages
  3. How do you join MUCC

What is on MUCC front burner right now

Drew's involvement with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

What is the bigger threat to Michigan CWD or the Asian Carp