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Mar 27, 2017

We interview Tony Smith sitting council member of Michigan QDMA and cover a host of topics concerning QDMA and Michigan deer.

  1. What does QDMA of Michigan do for our deer?
  2. Advise Michigan DNR on the Michigan deer herd
  3. Active with Congressional Sportsman Caucus
  4. QDMA's position on Mandatory Antler Point Restrictions
  5. R3 survey taken in Michigan
  6. DNR may have to fund department with things with other than hunter dollars due to fall off of hunting license sold and participation

How to get a deer coop going

  1. Social Media pages help a lot!
  2. Dedication is a must
  3. Look for resources in your area to rely on
  4. Get educated
  5. Getting local DNR biologist involved and law enforcement
  6. Get involved in your local QDMA branch
  7. What workshops have to offer

Guest Question: With APR's would it change how the DNR works the doe permits?

  1. APR's manage the buck population
  2. Antlerless permits manage the overall deer population

It doesn't take a lot of land to start a coop

  1. Why should a small land owner join a coop?
  2. Great story about small land owner
  3. Sharing with others

How is CWD affecting the Michigan deer herd

  1. Newest Michigan CWD case
  2. It's here to stay but how do we maintain it?
  3. Keep populations in check
  4. Get your deer checked
  5. Mandatory deer checks

What's the single best thing a hunter can do to make an impact on their local herd?

  1. Join QDMA or National Deer Alliance
  2. Be open minded
  3. Get educated