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May 22, 2017

Talking with three of the eight members of Rut and River Pursuits Podcast!

Segment 1

  1. Talking outtakes
  2. How R2 started as a group and podcast
  3. Why podcasting instead of videography and films
  4. Name dropping Carrie Z!
  5. Why get into podcasting
  6. How does 8 guys work together
  7. Bear spear fishing?
  8. Traveling to Canada
  9. Chuck That Bugger!!!
  10. Fishing other states
  11. Ice Fishing

Segment 2 Talking with Will

  1. Will lived in North Dakota for work
  2. Started hunting hard after returning to PA
  3. Hunting in mountain region as a kid
  4. Hunted mostly small game and deer as a kid
  5. Talking deer hunting as a kid
  6. Family traditions in hunting
  7. Catfish is the lucky charm
  8. Hunting with his mom
  9. Shooting Sting Rays
  10. Family competition
  11. Longtime friends

Segment 3 Talking with Phil

  1. Getting a cold drink live on the show
  2. The oldest guy who knows the least
  3. Learning the ropes with the guys
  4. From Illinois and spent time in Missouri
  5. Where does a new guy to the outdoors start
  6. Met Will and got in the outdoors
  7. Loves duck hunting and eating them
  8. Duck Candy!
  9. Working with a farmer to gain hunting access
  10. Falling through a hay loft
  11. Using podcasting as a story telling forum
  12. How the silence of the outdoors screams at us and reconnects us to the world
  13. Outdoor wish list, catching a muskie through the ice
  14. Fly Fishing with a poodle

Segment 4 Talking with Ryan

  1. The newest guy on the team
  2. How did he get with this group with a guy
  3. Whitetail hunter is his game
  4. Bow over rifle for deer
  5. Treestand is preferred method
  6. Equipment of choice
  7. Late bow season aggressive tactic to fill a deer tag
  8. Must have gear for the hunt
  9. Hunting as a youngster
  10. Deer drives

Where does Rut and River go from here?

How podcasting works as a viable medium in the outdoors for listeners

Where did the name Rut and River Pursuits come from