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May 29, 2017

 Mike explains the ups and downs of planting a food plot for the first time

Segment 1, Getting the seed

  1. Don' t loan you tools out!
  2. Going to get the seed
  3. Heading north to camp to plant
  4. Getting stopped by the cops

Segment 2, Getting ready to plant

  1. Rise and shine
  2. Heading to the field
  3. Spreading the GroGanix and figuring out the speed and spread rates
  4. Disking the field
  5. Dealing with wet spots

 Segment 3, Running the cultipacker

  1. Cultipacking the field
  2. Planting Boarder Patrol for a screen around the field
  3. Forgot two bags of Boarder Patrol
  4. Using the cultipacker rows as a guide to broadcast seed
  5. Earthway 2750 hand broadcast seeder
  6. Spreading the Climatize
  7. Running the cultipacker again to set the seed

Segment 4, Finding the missing seed

  1. Driving 60 miles to find more seed
  2. After calling store, they didn't have enough seed after telling me they did
  3. Got a bag of Boarder Patrol
  4. Almost ran out of gas
  5. Planted the last bag of seed in the dark
  6. A little rain over night to set the seed
  7. Got supplies to put up a growth cage
  8. Set a trail camera on the cage to monitor it
  9. Whether or not to fence off part of the field
  10. Plan for the rest of the year
  11. Checked all the trail cam cards
  12. Laptop battery was dead, so had to make two trips to check cards

Danny getting the PSE Evolve set up for hunting season