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Jun 12, 2017

Our open house led to a deer management discussion for most of the evening.

Talking fawn recruitment

  1. Dan seen first fawn
  2. Mike's camp has few live fawns roaming the property
  3. Seen 6 dead fawns so far
  4. What is the cause
  5. Seen few pregnant does on trail cameras
  6. What does too many does do to the buck stress and fawn recruitment in the spring
  7. Fawn drop being spread out instead of at one time is bad for recruitment
  8. Listening to research and education is the key to forming a plan to work in your area
  9. How is the NRC going to move forward to manage the Michigan Deer Herd
  10. Combo Deer tags vs Single buck tags
  11. How many surveys does the DNR need to understand what we've been saying for years

The New UNJ support vehicle Mike purchased !

  1. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  2. Chose the 4 door for the extra room and longer wheel base for towing
  3. Close call today with kayaks flying off a vehicle on the freeway

How do you tie down your trailer

  1. Mike's system of trailering
  2. Dan's system of trailering
  3. Make sure your toys are tied down on your trialers
  4. Dan had an issue unloading his trailer
  5. Shout out to the Rut and River Pursuits Uncle Catfish go cart!

What is the Economic Impact of deer hunting to the local communities

  1. Infusion of money into local business
  2. Creates local jobs
  3. Good hunting helps to raise land values
  4. Land values increase brings more tax dollars into the area
  5. More tax money means more improvements into the local community
  6. How does trophy bucks and APR's and shooting does lead to the economic increase?
  7. We as hunters are going to have to manage the deer herd on our own and lead by example