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Jun 19, 2017

Mike takes his son to NE Michigan for a father son trout fishing trip before he takes his son to college.

  1. New waders
  2. Fishing on the Black River
  3. Mosquitos are terrible
  4. Driving through the Pigeon River Elk Refuge area
  5. Have to get mosquito spray!
  6. Day two fishing on the Pigeon River
  7. Catching a few fish
  8. Bald Eagle sighting along with watching their mating ritual
  9. Lunch and a thunder storm
  10. Evening fishing in a familiar portion of the Pigeon River
  11. On the way to camp seeing 5 elk along the way back

Mike finds out that there is an Oak Wilt outbreak at his camp, more to come later

Danny is getting his bow groove on for season

  1. Shooting the PSE Evolve
  2. Also shooting the PSE Decree
  3. Using a new release
  4. Loosing and finding an errant arrow