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Jun 26, 2017

What does the future of the digital age hold for the outdoors and conservation for all of us?

Ron Siegle talks about the new Allband Center for Education and Wildlife Research (ACEWR)

  1. Allband began as a need for phone service in North Eaastern Michigan where no service or infrastructure had ever existed before.
  2. Began as a fiber optic co-op phone company.
  3. After 12 years of service there was a push to use the technologies for use in the outdoors to help study and learn more about the outdoors and whats in it.
  4. Can be used to study fauna and flora diseases, invasive species, conservation, wildlife management, etc....
  5. Partnering with Universities to conduct real time studies with no human intervention.
  6. Allows for us to get and offer information faster.
  7. Can we get the temperature of a deer remotely in the wild?
  8. What can't we do with this technology?
  9. Use a portal to distribute and collect the information
  10. Listening to the Heartbeat of the Outdoors

What is the toughest resistance encountered for this technology?

  1. Lack of resources is the biggest issue facing this technology right now
  2. The silo affect, groups of people working on the same thing but working alone. They need to work together
  3. Education and knowledge is a problem as far as getting the right information to people's fingertips
  4. Working with your neighbor and bridging gaps
  5. Trusting the DNR or other government agencies

Oak Wilt and how it affects all of us.

  1. Cluster of dead red oaks found and was identified as oak wilt
  2. How to stop it from spreading
  3. How will this affect your deer's food source
  4. Red Oaks are all interconnected via the root system which is one way oak wilt is spread
  5. Root system must be cut to keep it from spreading to healthy trees
  6. Don't trim or cut oaks from April 15th to July 15th, due to the beetles being active at this time of year which is another way to spread oak wilt
  7. Landowners can reach out to the DNR forestry division for help
  8. When to replant new trees?
  9. Working with your neighbors is a huge asset to stopping this problem

What do you as a hunter or outdoorsman want on a portal to be able to have access to?

  1. Developing an interactive state of the art portal to aid outdoorsman
  2. A place where everyone who has a vested interest in the outdoors can glean information and pass along information


Danny is prepping for a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the 4th of July