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Jul 24, 2017

Mike and Dan talk with Lincoln Rohn of Michigan Deer Hunters Let'em Go and Let'em Grow Facebook page about the recent Michigan Natural Resources Commission rule changes for the upcoming deer season regarding the Antler Point Restrictions.

  1. What happened at the last meeting?
  2. What does this mean for Michigan hunters
  3. Where does this put the Michigan Deer Hunters group that was advocating for the APR's?
  4. What are they going to do now?
  5. Is there any possible changes coming that will benefit Michigan hunters?
  6. What will be next years focus for his group?
  7. What is his take on a one buck rule in Michigan?
  8. What has Lincoln been up to this summer to get prepared for the upcoming hunting season?
  9. What does his hunting season look like for this upcoming fall 2017 season?

Dan asks Mike about camera arms and heads for tripods and camera arms.

  1. They talk about how the Fourth Arrow Camera Arm works and why it is so quiet.
  2. Mike discusses what camera head he uses on tripods and camera arms and why he chooses them.