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Aug 21, 2017

Mara runs down her archery gear for the 2017 season!

  1. PSE Evolve 35
  2. Black Eagle arrows, either the Zombie Slayers or the Outlaws
  3. QAD Ultra drop away arrow rest
  4. HHA Optimizer Kingpin 5519 single pin sight
  5. Scott Little Goose release

Working Sportsman's Alliance this fall on a college internship

Mara talks about her deer scouting this last couple of weeks.

  1. Trail camera scouting, she is using Bushnell Agressor cameras
  2. Finding the deer runs

Dan has a few cameras out for scouting, He is using Cabela's brand cameras

Mike has 8 cameras out, He is using mostly Browning Spec Ops cameras

Wifi or cellphone trail cameras

Using minerals

Are deer loosing their velvet yet?

Fourth Arrow Cellphone Holder

  1. A new cellphone holder for taking videos POV from your stand or any other area where you can attach the holder on a pole, branch or anything else that you can clamp to.
  2. Flexible arm
  3. Holds up to a 3 inch wide phone.
  4. $24.99 retail price

Bowfest 2017

  1. Spot Shooter Archery, Holly Michigan Saturday August 26th
  2. Vendors, games, sales, deals

Cody Dawson is fishing the Bass Fishing League

  1. Fishing in Lake St. Clair Michigan
  2. Currently in the top 40 in the league
  3. BFL rules

Elipse is coming!!!!!

  1. Are you going to watch it
  2. How is it going to affect wildlife
  3. Will our trail cameras show us anything different from the eclipse