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Sep 11, 2017

Dan's weekend up north to the upper peninsula to work on his hunting camp.

  1. Logging project is finished
  2. Spent Labor Day weekend working his food plots
  3. Put in three food plots
  4. Used Killer Food Plots Climatize
  5. Used his new drag harrow and cultipacker from Cabela's
  6. Checked trail cameras and found a few bucks that look interesting
  7. Three legged bear!

Mike's work weekend at deer camp and co-op meeting

  1. Co-op meeting went well and got some new info
  2. Need to shoot 33% of doe herd to maintain current population
  3. Shoot does early to save food sources for fawns, healthy does and bucks
  4. Deer eat about 5 pounds of food a day on average
  5. Mike's food plot is decimated, deer mowed down his Killer Food Plot Climatize
  6. Getting ready to plant Killer Food Plots Carnage Brassicas
  7. Deer using the Killer Food Plots Boarder Patrol as a cover to enter food plot
  8. We produced 2 videos from the Co-op meeting and posted on our Facebook page.

Killer Food Plots Suffuze cover scents and attractants

  1. Blueberry attractant for bear hunting
  2. Whitetail Specialty Attractants
  3. Scent Elimination Sprays
  4. Whitetail Attractants and Cover Scents
  5. Danny gets a new dog while at Woods and Water Show

Vortex Optics weekend at Cabela's

  1. Mike spent the weekend at Cabela's working for Vortex Optics
  2. Vortex new Impact 850 rangefinder
  3. Vortex new range finding binoculars the Fury
  4. Mike compares his Viper 10x42 binoculars to his new Razor 10x42 binoculars