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Oct 23, 2017

Mike hits the woods for the first hunt of this year for him.

  1. Late start to the weekend
  2. Saw more deer on the side of the road than in the stand all weekend
  3. Woke up sick
  4. Got in the woods for the evening hunt
  5. Weather was too warm to hunt
  6. New backpack hook
  7. Saw one deer

Safety Harness troubles

  1. Once I got tethered in the stand I had an issue shooting right
  2. Umbilical cord was too short to shoot to my right
  3. Problem is exaggerated in ladder stands due to the set not being movable
  4. Some people make an extension

Second day morning hunt

  1. Cooler weather that morning
  2. Set up in a new spot
  3. Saw five deer
  4. Got dive bombed by a bald eagle

Dan shot his crossbows

  1. Scope was way off
  2. Had to shoot to make sure they were working
  3. Servings on the strings need to be redone

Trail camera problems

  1. Thought I had one stolen
  2. Later found my master list to find the missing camera placement
  3. Had another camera with dead batteries
  4. Had another camera with a bad SD card

Wynd Scent Grenade scent dispersal system and wind checker

  1. Used for the first time in the field
  2. Multiple scents
  3. Quiet and no batteries