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Mar 5, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Tim Andrus of The Rush Outdoors

  1. Traveling through Canada as he heads home from Michigan
  2. 2018 Season, his 7th season for Rush Outdoors
  3. Antelope hunt in Wyoming and a little fishing
  4. New York buck hunt with a bow
  5. Self Fliming your hunts
  6. Rush Outdoors Uncut
  7. How he got started in the outdoor industry
  8. Wyoming Buck muzzleloader hunt
  9. Saskatchewan Buck muzzleloader hunt
  10. Fishing the east end of Lake Erie for walleye
  11. Looking at retirement
  12. How Tim got started in hunting
  13. How he got into the hunting industry
  14. How the internet has changed the viewing and consuming of hunting material
  15. Four quick questions for Tim

Mike and Dan give their take on the Outdoorama show this weekend.

Mike is reading Darker Than Night a true Michigan murder mystery of two hunters that went missing and took 18 years to solve.