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Mar 19, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Lance Valentine of Walleye 101 fishing school.

  1. Finishing up the fishing show circuit
  2. Show attendance was down due to weather and March Madness tournament
  3. 1st week of April on the Detroit River
  4. After Mother's Day it's the Saginaw Bay and Saginaw River pre and post spawn
  5. Vertical jigging for walleye
  6. Jig head colors and body color
  7. Fish where the fish are
  8. No live bait, tip with plastics
  9. How to set up baits
  10. Fall rates and angels are also important
  11. Talking lines
  12. Dealing with current
  14. How important is rod size and reel type
  15. Denali rods Myriad Series for walleye
  16. Fishing for Detroit River Walleye
  17. Accounting Major and Minor in Marketing and how that relates to being a teacher of fishing and a fishing guide
  18. Fishing education weekend
  19. Women involvement in fishing

Mike made a trip to deer camp to learn about habitat and found something that wasn't good.

  1. Met with a few deer managers and habitat managers to look over our hunting property
  2. Trying to educate myself as much as I possibly can
  3. Found a deer that starved to death more than likely
  4. We did a health check on the deer carcass
  5. Found that the little buck was eating white pine needles and sweet fern stems
  6. No nutritional value to the deer
  7. This tells us we need to make changes
  8. Too many deer and not enough food
  9. Over browsing can destroy regeneration of new trees after logging