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Apr 30, 2018

Danny spent the entire week out hunting turkeys.

  1. Saw more deer than turkeys
  2. Great weather
  3. Playing with hens
  4. Never seen a gobbler
  5. Tough hunting
  6. Bongo Drums

Hunter's Blend Coffee joins the Up North Journal

  1. Official coffee of Up North Journal

Opening up camp

  1. Check trail cams
  2. Found a water leak

Trail Cam Photos

  1. Put two cams on a fresh deer carcass
  2. Got eagles on camera
  3. Bobcat drug off carcass
  4. Coyote video
  5. Deer browsing on small pine trees
  6. Deer eating meat?

Deer Browse Surveys

  1. 2 half mile lines 1000 feet apart is your survey
  2. 30 steps apart on each line gets checked
  3. Very educational opportunity
  4. Use this as a tool to check deer density along with habitat health
  5. Deer Co-op building activity
  6. Teach younger people so they grow up applying these techniques