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May 14, 2018

A recap of Mike taking a friend turkey hunting for the first time.


Day one morning hunt

  1. 3 gobblers coming, which way to go?
  2. 2nd sit of the morning

Day one evening hunt

  1. Pop up blind
  2. 2 gobblers
  3. Should've set where we did for the morning

Day two morning hunt

  1. Mike goes back to run and gun while his friend sat in the pop up blind
  2. Mike gets into a fight with a hen and looses the gobblers

Day two evening hunt

  1. Got a scouting report from trail cameras
  2. Go north young man!
  3. 25 yards and got caught looking the wrong way

A new turkey hunter is born!

State legislator in New York is proposing a bill that would remove all shooting sports, gun and archery along with trapping out of the schools for kids.