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May 21, 2018

Got the new target arrows cut this week for the shoot, Carbon Express Maxima SD

  1. Tuned them to the Evolve 31
  2. Low profile 2 inch vanes
  3. Didn't have the target bow set up yet and had to use my hunting bow
  4. Shot out to 80 yards

Shot at Mudjaw Bowman for the 1st leg of Ohio State Field Archery Association Triple Crown

  1. Wet, wet, wet!!!!!!!
  2. Talking about the shoot and how it was run
  3. 116 arrow shoot
  4. 20 points per target
  5. Short angled shot

Shooting known distance vs un-known distance preferences

What gear we are running on the target bows this year

  1. PSE Phenom SD
  2. Copper John sight
  3. Stan release
  4. AAE Prophecy drop away rest
  5. Hot Rod stabilizers

Fawn drop time!

  1. Danny is seeing pregnant does in his back yard.
  2. Buck have dispersed
  3. Others are starting to see fawns being dropped
  4. Predators starting to become more active with fawning season starting