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May 28, 2018

Mike got the target bow set up and is now starting to tune it.

  1. Stan's release aid vs the trigger style release aid
  2. PSE Phenom SD target bow, Copper John sight, AAE Prophecy rest, Hot Rods Stabalizers
  3. Step back tuning
  4. Setting the top pin at 25 yards for the hunter division
  5. Had the rear stabilizer move and get in the string path

Headed to deer camp and met with our land and deer management consultants

  1. Took a look at our food plots
  2. Go to our facebook page to see the video of his explanation of food plots vs natural forage.
  3. How food plots play into predation during fawning season

Talking with Dan Jasa of PSE Archery and Chris Schnur of Cabela's about why hunters should consider taking up target archery to up their game in the hunting season.

  1. Target Archery vs Hunting
  2. Adrenaline rush
  3. Following the "Process"
  4. How long does it take to develop your Process
  5. Start the Process by shooting in some local tournaments
  6. Do you need a target bow or can you use your hunting set up to shoot target archery
  7. Target bows are longer and straighter limbs but noisier
  8. Target bows are easier to aim
  9. Best source of info to get started is your local pro shop
  10. Bow hunter class vs Open class set ups
  11. Where to find archery tournament or shoot information
  12. Target shoots vs 3D shoots
  13. How this helps you the hunting situations
  14. Acceptable miss with Target Archers vs Bow Hunters
  15. Nerves with Target Archery vs Hunting
  16. Friendships built in Target Archery where hunting is solo usually
  17. You get better the more time you spend behind the bow
  18. Using the Target Archery experience of nerves to execute the shot on a big buck
  19. Follow the Process during hunting situations as well
  20. Long distance target shooting extends your effective range
  21. Shooting unknown distances in archery helps you in hunting situations
  22. Practice until you can't get it wrong
  23. Ask for help
  24. Do research into clubs and shoots
  25. Guest shooting