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Aug 6, 2018

Mike and Dan talked with Alex Tait, Product Manager of Carbon Express.

  1. Maxima Line and explanation of Tri-Spined arrow technology
  2. What applications do you use a small diameter and a larger diameter arrow.
  3. How to choose an arrow for your bow.
  4. Weight forward technology and what it does.
  5. Broadheads and weight forward technology working together.
  6. Does crossbow bolts have the same technology as arrows?
  7. Dual-Spined bolts
  8. Weight forward bolts and how they work with heavier broadheads
  9. The Tank Series arrows and how they're built
  10. How Alex picked up the target archery bug
  11. The hunting side of Alex
  12. Loves turkey hunting but isn't so keen on freezing in the deer stand
  13. The turkey hunt
  14. Treestands safety products


Dan DeFauw's celebration of his 200th Episode!

2018 Michigan Deer Rendezvous recap

  1. Small group discussions and activities.
  2. Visited two farms and got to see how they deal with deer and deer crop damage.
  3. Toured a 200 acre hunting property to see how he had it set up
  4. Growth cages show over browsing
  5. Tree planting and system of knowing what was planted and where with planting charts
  6. Grafting trees, a hawthorn and an apple stem
  7. Property management work shop in small group setting
  8. Use a series of maps to make educated decisions on a plan of action
  9. Visit the property to actually lay eyes on it to help make solid decisions on how to manage the property
  10. This activity was the most eye opening activity for Mike
  11. Go to workshops when they are available!