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Aug 13, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Outdoor Writer and the Editor of Michigan Bow Hunters News Jerry Lambert.

  1. Talk about Michigan Bow Hunters News
  2. Jerry's involvement with the organization
  3. Jerry's outdoor books that he has written and how you can find them
  4. What fall and hunting means to us
  6. Trophy White Tales and North of Wrong at
  7. CWD and how Jerry is dealing with it since he hunts in the core and surveillance area
  8. Why doesn't the DNR and NRC not discuss the reasons behind their actions
  9. How EHD hit his hunting area in 2012
  10. What is the end game with shooting so many deer in the CWD zones?
  11. How do both sides of the CWD issue come together and work through this issue
  12. How do you measure success or failure with the hunting regs?
  13. How long did it take for Jerry's area to rebound from EHD?
  14. How stress affects deer health
  15. Why we hunt
  16. Are we going to see hunters leave the state due to CWD
  17. How other animals react to CWD
  18. Jerry's outlook on this upcoming season
  19. Looking forward to this upcoming season despite the new regulations from the DNR and NRC
  20. Hunting traditions
  21. The Good Stuff!